The Most Thrilling Of All Thrill Rides at Epcot

Epcot, a theme park located at the Walt Disney Resort, is famous for its surreal rides. Below are some of the top thrill rides at Epcot that every visitor yearns to sample.

  • The Sum of all Thrills

Visitors can customize the design of their thrill rides (virtual coasters, toboggans, or airplanes) using mathematical tools, a touch screen, and a robot motor. Using the screen, you can create your specifications for the ride including height, speed, dips, and turns. You can board a robotic 4D simulator that uses motion, vision and audio to simulate a real riding experience once the design is over. Since you are the designer of your ride, you can control the thrill levels on your ride to create a pulsating experience. You can find The Sum of all Thrills at Inside Inventions, Epcot.

  • Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Hidden on the inside of the great pyramid is a Mexico Epcot ride designed to take you through the adventures of an mariachi Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballerosband that’s preparing to open for a new concert. When Donald Duck, the third member of the mariachi band, goes missing you the viewers take a boat ride to view his adventures.  Follow Donald as he tours Mexico on a flying poncho. By the end of the boat tour you finally arrive at the concert starring The Three Caballeros.

  • Mission: Space

This adventure simulates the experience inside a spacecraft, destination: Mars, through sustained G forces. The simulated flight is very close to reality though a bit unsettling for first timers. This event recreates events in space with an incredible degree of closeness to reality and most of the people who have had the opportunity to ride it report that the ‘flight’ as breathtaking.

Located at the Future World in Epcot, the height requirement for this ride is 44 inches. This event has a fast-pass (a fast pass is a virtual line program that eliminates long waiting lists).

  • Test track

You can find this ride in the Future World section at Epcot. It involves a bumpy automobile journey that does not take off until the last moment when the vehicle almost rolls over. The ride system is very advanced, and guests get an insight into the technical aspects of custom-made car testing process. Some of the going is rough, but the demonstrations are impressive. The Test Track has fast-pass privileges.

  • Maelstrom

Maelstrom Epcot Pavilions

Inside the Norway pavilion at World Showcase in Epcot is a boat-ride simulation system that takes guests deep into the mysteries of the past and present of Norway. Maelstrom comes fully equipped with thrilling images, light-out moments and a nervy backward drop. A new ride will replace Maelstrom in 2016.

  • Soarin’ Over California

This ride is one of the most popular E-rides at the Land Pavilion in Epcot. Soarin’ is a thrilling adventure that takes visitors on a virtual journey all over California, giving them insights into the city and stimulating their sense of reconstruction and imagery.

The height requirement at Soarin’ is 40 inches. Currently, guests interested in Florida can try out the Soarin’ Hoopla, a clone of the original.

  • The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Do you want to embark on an epic journey, a journey to rescue ‘Nemo?’ This thrill ride takes you through the sea, riding a ‘clamobile’, back from the mission to find ‘Nemo,’ a fictional character. It is an animated sea ride full of animated sea creatures, including sharks. The landscape is aquatic and very convincing.

The rides at Disney’s Epcot theme park are numerous, very creatively put out and enthralling. They are also a nervy subject for first timers before the thrills catch up with them. Apart from the ones mentioned, there are many more thrills to sample, and the choice is up to the guests to decide on thrill levels they can sustain.

Walt Disney World’s Magnificent Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom would be very much appreciated by animal lovers as well as children who will be enveloped in the whimsical world of animals. This is an exceptional part of Walt Disney World that includes various attractions and rides that will immerse you in the Animal Kingdom. Here are the thrill Animal Kingdom rides and attractions that you must not miss!
The Oasis begins your unforgettable journey in the Animal Kingdom. View breathtaking tropical pathways and exhibits amidst lush and rich green jungle foliage embedded with awesome wildlife creatures.

Who hasn’t watched the Lion King? Trot along the Discovery Island Trails for serene paths around the Tree of Life and embark on a nature and wildlife tour where you will find elephants, lions tigers and a lot more animals. Discover the tough life of a bug in a 3D film and live show in the Off-Off bugway show in the 430 seat Repertory Theatre. Visit the Habitat Habit and meet Rafiki, the famous monkey in the Lion King movie as well as other rare creatures. Go to the Conservation Station for wildlife information and witness interactive exhibits, have an up-close look at various habitats and view a veterinary treatment facility. A petting zoo allows you to mingle with friendly animals. Experience the wilderness in the Kilimanjaro Safari, the best ride you will experience that will give you a wildlife adventure in the African savanna, be prepared to encounter exotic and magnificent animals.

Crazy about dinosaurs? Then you must visit the Boneyard. This is an open air outdoor space which contains dinosaur fossils where kids can explore, learn and discover while having fun. Top off the fun with wacky dino-themed carnival style games at the Fossil Fun Games section. A replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex Dino-Sue skeleton display completes the Dinosaur theme effect. This is the most detailed reproduction ever made that is stunning with a 13 feet height and 40 feet length size. Fly high on the TriceraTop Spin which will spin you above the ground on a dino twirling top. Ride on the Primeval Whirl, a time machine coaster which will spin you back to the dino age, bumping into a maze of curves and thrilling drops! Hop on the Dinosaur Time Rover for a prehistoric trip back in time to rescue a dinosaur and save it from extinction. This blast to the past has great dinosaur effects like loud roaring sounds in the darkness that will give you the thrill of your life.

The Maharaja Jungle Trek will take you to mystical forests and give you a glimpse of Southeast Asia which is home to dozens of amazing species such as flying fox and fruit bats. Venture into Africa and see gorillas and exotic birds in the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. The Wildlife express Train lets you ride a rustic locomotive on rails throughout the park. Journey on the Expedition Everest, a speedy roller coaster that will glide you through the Himalayan icy peaks and forbidden mountains, and you might just run across the Abominable Snowman! Kids can become Wilderness explorers like Russell in the movie Up and earn adventure badges by completing challenges. These Animal Kingdom rides and attractions will surely create memories that will be cherished forever!

Hollywood Studios thrill rides

Walt Disney World is a popular tourist destination in the United States of America. While there are many rides and attractions that appeal to young children, there are also many thrill rides that are appealing to adults. Disney’s Hollywood Studios attractions offers plenty of thrills that will get a thrill seeker excited.

The Tower of Terror is one main thrill ride at Hollywood Studios. It combines a free fall ride with some unique effects, and offers a storyline that is based on a TV series. This attraction is based on a haunted elevator. As you make your way to the ride, you will tour the Hollywood Tower Hotel, which is said to be haunted. The ride also features a dark library with many strange artifacts. The room then lights up, and you are welcomed to the Twilight Zone on a television. A secret passage is then opened up and you enter the boiler room, and you are lead to the service elevator. After you strap yourself in, you will be taken up until the doors unlock and you can see the other hotel inhabitants. They beg for you to join them, but your journey continues as you continue to go upward. When you reach the 13th floor, you will see many sights and hear many sounds that are inspired by The Twilight Zone. The thrill ride then hurls down the shaft and unexpectedly goes back up. The doors also open, revealing the hotel grounds below you. Needless to say, this is not a ride for the faint of heart or those who are terrified of heights. For the thrill seeker, however, this is a perfect ride to get your stomach turning and heart beating.
Another thrill ride offered at Hollywood Studios is the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, which features Aerosmith. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is a roller coaster that takes you on a musical journey. As you make your way to the line, you pass many landmarks along the way. As you approach the queue line, the band is informed they are late for a concert by their manager, and you are invited by the band to come along as a guest. The roller coaster is shaped as a limo. This is a great ride for the thrill seeker because it blasts off at a speed of 60 mph. The ride is dark because it is supposed to make you feel like you are cruising in the Los Angeles night. All throughout the ride, music by Aerosmith is being played. This roller coaster features three inversions, two rollover loops, and one corkscrew.

Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is a great tourist destination that offers many rides and attractions. The Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster are two main thrill attractions the thrill seeker shouldn’t miss. If you have a need for speed or if you are an adrenaline junkie and want to get your heart racing a little bit,then these two thrill rides at Hollywood Studios are meant for you.

Thrill Ride Information

Walt Disney World has an amazing array of thrill rides for kids of all ages in their Magic Kingdom theme park. Among the most well-known rides, of course, are the ones that have been associated with their very own feature film treatment such as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (Toy Story) and of course the big-budget Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But there are literally tens of different thrill rides in the park. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Mad Hatter Tea PartyIn the Mad Tea Party ride, you get to spin around sitting in an oversized teacup. The ride was inspired by a scene in Alice in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter’s tea cups, but is not for those with a queasy stomach: Six cups rotate in one direction on a large platform that is spinning in the opposite direction. If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, this ride might be a fun one to watch from the sidelines. Either way, you can watch for the Dormouse who puts in a regular appearance as part of the ride, true to its literary inspiration.

If it’s thrill of a roller coaster you’re looking for, then look no further than the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Though it might not sound too exciting (mining? really?), this thrill ride is not your everyday rollercoaster. Mine carts are much less well-behaved than regular roller coaster cars, after all, so not only will you travel both inside and outside the mountain, your cart will tip and sway as it careens around the tight curves. Hold on to your mining pick!

If the thrill you’re seeking has less to do with complicated motion and more with fantasy-filled surroundings, then the Jungle Cruise ride might be just the ticket. Even if you won’t get a roller coaster kind of thrill, you may feel like you’ve left your comfort zone when you’re riding a boat on the Congo River to meet your Pygmy welcome committee, only to find the beach deserted. You’ll pass all kinds of animatronic wildlife from the African savannah (or are those real lions chowing down on a hapless wildebeest?), and you may find yourself negotiating a waterfall that is more than a little intimidating.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is another movie-related thrill ride at Walt Disney World, but this time the ride was based on the movie and not the other way around. If you’ve ever been on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride at any of the Disney parks, then you sort of know what to expect from the Aladdin ride. It only lasts 90 seconds, but you’ll probably agree that that’s a good thing. Oh, and you may or may not get wet.

Last but not least, no mention of Walt Disney World thrill rides can fail to include the Haunted Mansion. This is a classical “dark ride” where you sit in a little train that guides you through the mansion — and scares the wits out of you! You may have visited other amusement park ghost train rides in the past, but, well, this is Disney World, and things can seem just a little bit too real.

We’ve only been able to mention a small handful of the score of thrill rides at Walt Disney World. You’ll find something for everybody in your party!  If you would like to find out more information about thrill rides at Walt Disney World please check out or Hub.